Preparing for a Lead Pastor Job Interview

Hi this is Daren Wride and welcome to Priority Pastor.

Got a text yesterday from our friend who is interviewing for a lead pastor role. He’s pretty excited about it, as am I. I think he’s been shortlisted and they’re just checking out some more details about him.

And he wanted to know if I had any tips for him as he went into this interview and so I wrote him a note; spent some time and wrote him a note. It’s similar to advice I’d given to others in the past and I thought I would pass it on to you in case you’re ever interviewing to be a lead pastor or even a staff pastor. There are some principles here that I think will apply to you.

The most important thing in a job interview for a ministry is that your posture isn’t one of trying to get the job. That’s not the mindset to go into the interview. The mindset for the interview is that you are in discernment mode. That is you are trying to discern if you would go there, should you be called there.

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How to Start Your Day

Today’s post is an excerpt from a training I did on a “Recipe for an Epic Day”. Basically some principles and ideas on how to have a highly productive, satisfying day.

That training is part of the Pastor’s Productivity Pack which includes How to Plan Your Year, How to Plan Your Week, and Efficient Sermon Prep. And of course the Pastor’s Productivity Pack can also be found inside the Priority Pastor training system.

So here’re some ideas on how to start a great day. It starts with the day before and it starts with what you do before you ever go to work. Enjoy…

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Three Words to Amp Up Your Communication

Hi I’m Daren Wride and you are listening to Priority Pastor.

Thanks for jumping in. I try to maintain a certain ratio in these podcasts of every five podcasts. I like to have three focusing on personal development one focusing more on the organizational side of ministry and one I allow myself to drift into the business and marketing world.

But what you’ve probably found if you listen to these that the business marketing world interfaces in some interesting ways with the ministry and leadership worlds. In this this episode right now is one of those.

There are three words I keep coming across in some of the training I’m taking regarding marketing and crafting sales offers and things like that. And these three words are Hook, Story and Offer.

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What Makes a Good Day Off?

Have you had one of those days lately? You know one of those days that when it’s done it just feels so good? It feels like you did what you were supposed to do. You didn’t do anything you shouldn’t have done. It’s just completely satisfying and you can lay down on your pillow and just not obsess about anything from the day except just reflecting on what an outstanding day it was.

I had a lot of really good days lately; particularly last week. Last week I had some good days in my transitional role. I came home from the church and just said, “Man, that was an outstanding day.” I had a couple of good days on my online work. I carve out Mondays and Thursdays typically to do online work and they are outstanding. I had an outstanding day off as well.

And I think part of the reason I’m having so many really good days is because I’ve been getting ready to do a little module on how to have a great day. I’m not sure I’m calling it you know maybe my epic day pattern or formula or something like that.

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Symptoms of a Contagious Follower of Jesus

A couple of weeks ago I spoke on the DNA of a Christ follower trait, the trait of being evangelistic. Someone who indeed proclaims the Good News. This is obviously a key trait. It is an important part of being like Jesus joining with him in his seeking and saving of the lost.

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And to make the point of course I used Luke 15 where Jesus tells the story: lost sheep, lost coin, lost son. And makes the point how important lost people are to God and how important they ought to be to us. And I kind of use the concept of being a contagious Christian which is a phrase based on a course in evangelism of course called “Contagious Christian.”.

The idea being that you kind of have this disease that is passed on and transmitted to others and so I used, as my main point, symptoms of a contagious Christian. The kind of follower of Jesus who passes on the disease, the good disease.

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