Liver Cleanse, Soul Cleanse

Did I tell you about this liver cleanse my wife put me through a while ago? I think it was based on this book “The Metabolic Reset Diet” and the whole idea is to just get your liver cleaned out because it’s so critical in how you process your food, storing fat and dealing with excess food. 

It was a month-long ordeal with the first two weeks like a fast. The second day of a fast is where you’re hungry enough to be miserable and never full enough to feel good. But after that, it smartened up a bit. Of course, when you do something like that, it was a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and then a fairly normal meal at night with some some guidelines for that. 

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Rationing Your Creative Energy

I’ve spoken in the past in different places about time management and energy management, which is something I borrowed from the book “The Power of Full Engagement” where it says the purpose of time management is indeed energy management. As you get older, you understand more and more that if you’re not careful, you can find yourself with more time than you have energy, which is a weird feeling. From time to time, I’ve actually had that happen to me. 

What I’ve discovered lately is different categories of energy in your life. You can still have great physical energy and be able to go out and work hard or go do some exercise, but there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of juice upstairs mentally. 

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Breaking Out of the Afternoon Doldrums

I’ve had a pretty productive morning where I did a webinar and related work, and then dealt with some emails. Into the afternoon I continued with this sense of productivity until about mid afternoon when I felt myself start to drag. I knew from experience I was at that stage where I was going to stare at the screen or, since I’m working from my home office today, maybe go sit on the couch, doze off or wallow and ultimately not get a whole lot done.  Even though I mindfully had a light lunch, I was still starting to drag mid afternoon. 

I knew of one thing to break that pattern so I could squeak out another segment of productivity, which was a state change. I got up, packed up my laptop, headed down to the coffee shop, bought a coffee and a cookie, and I had a clear project in mind. I wasn’t just going to a different location, but totally changed gears completely and worked on a project that’s kind of been hanging there. I’m doing a board training in a couple of weeks and I have to adapt somebody else’s training for this from our denominational office. 

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Starting Your Year

This Daren Wride and welcome to Priority Pastor

Well how do you plan a year? 

There are so many variables looking ahead; three hundred and sixty-five or sixty-six days, 52 weeks, twelve months. Planning can be a little bit presumptuous and we often try to plan in a way that makes us think we’re in control of what’s going to happen when that’s not the case. 

Planning really needs to be done with open palms; really our planning is an offering. It’s a presentation to the Lord say here’s my plans but not what I want what you want ultimately. However, it is helpful to get clear in our head what we actually are hoping to accomplish and put that underneath the umbrella of “your will be done.” 

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Getting Refocused

I’m currently writing this on Labor Day, September second here in North America, and a holiday long weekend. I just finished my regular holidays and actually went back in the office a little bit last Thursday to meet with my associate who has taken off on his own holidays. Then I got ready for Sunday, did the Sunday service, and now it’s a holiday Monday. This week marks really the end of my holiday season in a lot of ways, and admit I’m having a hard time shifting gears. 

I had what I call a reasonable holiday. There was a bit too much driving, more driving than I prefer to do. I’m not quite as holiday’d-out as I like to be after the holidays. September first is the start of hunting for both deer and elk here. It’s also the start of hunting season here, and I’m not out there. I’m here. 

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