Prolific Quality Output

This post is commemorating the 300th episode of my podcast Priority Pastor. I was toying with several different options and I’ll explain all the different factors in a while. I was considering making this the last one of this podcast, making a big shift in the podcast itself, just mixing it up in some way, or just continuing as I have.

The reason I started this podcast was due to a course I was taking that really challenged the idea of publishing content regularly. I actually initially started publishing a blog post pretty much every day, which is a bit of work for me. I love writing and think I write fairly well, but you’re moving towards perfectionism when you’re writing (at least I am) and it was a lot of hard work.

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Unprecedented Pivot to the New Normal

Do you have a growing list of words you never want to hear again?

This past fall, I very quickly ran out of patience for the words “pivot” and “unprecedented” and “new normal.” These words have gotten old pretty quick partly from over-use, but also because when reflecting on life and history and the nature of the world, the fact is that things are always changing. There are events almost every year, and certainly every decade, that have completely changed everything.

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Young Pastors Take More Hits

Today I want to highlight the fact that young pastors take more hits. I was commenting to somebody a while ago about a young pastor we both knew who was really quite gifted, capable and doing some amazing things in the church was just being dogged at every turn. Individuals inside the church seemed to be interfering and wanting to interfere with what was going on.

I made the comment to this person that very few people know how many hits and how intense the hits are that a lot of our young pastors take on. Young pastors take a lot more hits, and not just young as in age, but new pastors, and even people who are going into the ministry as a second career. They are often not prepared for the way people take shots at them.

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How Much Truth Can They Handle?

I’ve been mulling a bit lately on T-units, also known as truth units. It’s a concept I learned from Sunlife many years ago. The idea being that when you provide a teaching in a ministry setting, you are communicating a unit of truth. A good talk or presentation really has one focal point.

A lot of talks, if you look at them, actually have many points. I’ve noticed a lot of sermons lately actually often would work as two sermons. There’s so much content in there and they’re pretty long. A lot of sermons I’m seeing these days are 45-50 minutes long, and I think it’s important to note that there’s not a lot of preachers who can do it for 45 or 50 minutes and do it well.

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