DNA of a Christ Follower

DNA of a Christ FollowerThis book is the result of a challenge given at a Sonlife Ministries training event.

The Challenge: Go to scripture and figure out the character traits of a follower of Jesus Christ.

More than a decade later (closer to two actually!) my thinking has been refined through more than forty talks, the red pencils of a diverse group of peer reviewers, as well as my ruthless editor Joanne. It is not the end of the project but is a significant milestone.

This book seeks to answer, from scripture itself, what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, at the core. What are the key character traits, the things we are called to be, from which will flow all we are called to do?

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More about the DNA of a Christ Follower Project

The purposes of the DNA of a Christ Follower project are simple, though certainly not easy.

I wrote DNA of a Christ Follower with that hope that:

  • Followers of Jesus Christ would see that the Lord wants to change their character, not just their actions.
  • Such followers would study the Bible to discover those character traits and seek the enabling of the Spirit to represent Jesus effectively.
  • They would embrace the call to be disciples who make disciples
  • They would form a simple, actionable Bible-based framework of what a disciple actually is and how a disciple is made.
  • Christian leaders will become discontent with simply “doing church” and honestly assess and adjust their lives and ministries to contribute to making disciples

If these things happen in part due to this effort, I will be extremely grateful.

But I’m hoping for more.

My dream is that some will be stirred to approach their Christian lives, ministries and Christian community from a blank slate, seeking to answer the question “How can we effectively make such disciples in this time and place?”

Captivated by the call to be and make disciples, in radical obedience to and dependence on the Holy Spirit, they will be used by Jesus to build his church. They will jettison the many hindrances to disciple-making that have become an entrenched and accepted part of the church subculture. They will be focused, simple, nimble, efficient and effective in their efforts, unswayed by fads, unafraid of cultural trends.

And they will become part of a visible answer to the prayer “Your kingdom come, your will be done…”

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What are the Non-Negotiable Traits of a Disciple of Jesus Christ?

  • And how deeply do these traits show up in your life?
  • Is your church helping you grow in these areas?
  • WHAT can leadership do to develop such disciples?

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DNA of a Christ Follower is the “What?” – 12Church is the “How?”

There are many ways to make disciples.

But church as usual isn’t one of them.

12Church is an alternative model of church developing in response to the question “How do we effectively make disciples in this time and place?”

It is also a network for like-minded disciples who are All In. On Mission. With Jesus.

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