Online Church Is Different

Just a quick note, an observation, maybe a memo to a few churches out there and that is this; online church is not the same thing as a Sunday morning worship service. I think we better identify that and put a stake in the ground and recognize that moving our services online is not really supposed to be and is not most effective when it’s just a clone of the service- in most cases now. 

Interestingly, I’m currently involved in two different churches. One as a transitional coach doing some preaching and another as a transitional pastor. The one I’m coaching in is a church of about a thousand people with three services. The church I’m actually traditional pastor is a church of about 100 with one service, and last weekend they were both online. I wasn’t involved in both last week, but I will be involved in the the larger one this coming weekend. 

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Liver Cleanse, Soul Cleanse

Did I tell you about this liver cleanse my wife put me through a while ago? I think it was based on this book “The Metabolic Reset Diet” and the whole idea is to just get your liver cleaned out because it’s so critical in how you process your food, storing fat and dealing with excess food. 

It was a month-long ordeal with the first two weeks like a fast. The second day of a fast is where you’re hungry enough to be miserable and never full enough to feel good. But after that, it smartened up a bit. Of course, when you do something like that, it was a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and then a fairly normal meal at night with some some guidelines for that. 

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Church History Drill Down

I’m about to engage with a new church in a transitional coaching role. One of the things out of the gate we’ll be doing is assessment and the history of the church is a big part of that. I’ve started making requests for the documentation I need and I thought I’d just pass on the process I follow to get to the bottom of a church history. 

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I want to share more of a process with you here. In a transitional role it’s not just about the celebratory church history, but about the real history of the church. Here’s a process to work through to get a grip on the history of your church, whether you’re in a new situation or have been in one for a while. 

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Road Trip Packing List

I’m just packing right now for a rather extended road trip. I’m headed to a church for weekend where I’m starting a transitional coaching role, preaching at the services and then carrying on to a pastor’s retreat for a few days. We’re going be on the road for about a week, staying in two different locations. I pulled up my mega road trip list, deleted the things I don’t need to bring and started working through the list packing. 

It raises a few things I’ve added to my list over the years. Some of the things on the list I’ve discovered by trial and error that I’ve needed them, so I thought I’d pass on some of these ideas of my road trip list that might actually work for you. Now this trip I’m going on this time is actually a driving trip and not flying, which changes things on my list a little bit. But some of these ideas work both ways. 

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Evaluating an Employment Offer from a Church

Today I want to talk to you about evaluating a pastoral job offer or a letter of offer to be a pastor of some kind in a church. I’ve been asked about this a lot lately. Many of my ministry friends are in transition and have asked me about evaluating their offers, and in some cases sent me the offer for advice on addressing the things in the offer. Let me just share a few thoughts along those lines. 

First, the time to evaluate the offer, crunch the numbers and figure out is before you accept the offer. Before. Do not ever, ever, ever engage in a situation where some details of the offer are to be determined once you’re in place. In fact, one of my friends had an offer and some of the benefits were described that they were to be decided or to be negotiated once the person is in their position. Not a chance. You negotiate that before you accept. You need to know exactly what the numbers are so there’s no surprises because generally the surprises end up being a minus sign in your wallet, not a plus sign. So everything absolutely needs to be clear. 

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