Best Marriage Books

These are some of the best marriage and relationship books we have come across over the years. I’ve recommended them all, but we most often give away copies of Love & Respect.
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 Written from a Christian worldview, but accessible to anyone, this book brings many to a big “aha!”  People we have given this book to often say something like “That principle explained everything about our relationship.”





Written from a non-faith perspective, this book gives scientifically verified principles for what actually makes a relationship work, often contradicting popular cultural ideas. Eye opening and immediately actionable.





It seems like this book has been around forever- and yet it is still a big seller. A very simple idea that can change the way you relate to spouses, children, parents, friends and even the people you work with.

I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend

I didn’t marry
my best friend.

I married a girl
I really liked
Who really liked me.

We seemed to have complimentary values
and agreeable personalities.

There was an hormonal magnetism.

But despite what we might have said
at the time,
I didn’t know her
and she didn’t know me.

We jumped through the hoops
and tied off the knot
moving away from family and friends

Including our respective best friends.

We walked through the routine of life
punctuated by
the births of our children
the deaths of our parents
vehicle breakdowns
laughter and arguments
crisis and success.

But mostly the routine of life.

Then one day I woke up.
And there, lying right beside me,
was my best friend.

For Kristin, on our 30th

Thanks For Your Loyalty

Every now and then I get a call from my cell phone provider thanking me for being such a great customer and offering me something in return for my loyalty.

It always includes me giving them more money.

Late last year I received an email from them with the same “thanks for your loyalty” message offering me a credit card.

What I never get from them is a call saying “There’s a better plan for you given your usage patterns. Let us save you some money…”

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Sunk Costs Revisited or The Value of Trust

Transmission fluid on the floor
Transmission fluid in my underground parking spot.

Recently, I posted about some repairs to The Beast, my 2002 F150 pickup.

I used the story of a major repair followed by the need for a second major repair as an example of sunk costs and how to decide whether to keep spending or cut your losses.

The Beast now has a solid front end, a new (used) transmission, and runs beautifully.

Except that the transmission leaks.

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Back in the late ’90’s I went to a daylong event full of motivational speakers, marketers, health experts and some famous but not so profound individuals who were clearly there for their name recognition, not their content.

However most of the speakers were outstanding.

One of the highlights of the day was Zig Ziglar. I’d heard about him, but didn’t know much about his story or personality.

In addition to his famous pump story which I’ve linked above, he shared insights into relationships, forgiveness, success and faith.

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