Paddle Around Lake Windermere

A video summarizing our July 25 paddle around 3/4 of Lake Windermere. Nothing fancy- just using my old point and shoot camera. But even then the beauty of the day comes through. Take a break and enjoy this little journey.

Pastors and Addictions

About a month ago, I got a call from a friend. We had actually overlapped in one church where I served in a transitional role. He was a youth pastor when I got there, but within about two or three months, he went off to plant a church. Unknown to me at the time, he was struggling and had been struggling with some addiction issues. Following his leaving of the church where I was serving there, he planted a church and then the addiction issues raised their head and he lost his job.

He eventually recovered to some level and got back into pastoring at another church, but once again, addiction issues surfaced. He then went on to secular work and addiction was still an issue, so he finally had to confront the issues head on.

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Online Church Is Different

Just a quick note, an observation, maybe a memo to a few churches out there and that is this: Online church is not the same thing as a Sunday morning worship service. I think we better identify that and put a stake in the ground and recognize that moving our services online is not really supposed to be and is not most effective when it’s just a clone of the service- in most cases now. 

Interestingly, I’m currently involved in two different churches. One as a transitional coach doing some preaching and another as a transitional pastor. The one I’m coaching in is a church of about a thousand people with three services. The church I’m actually traditional pastor is a church of about 100 with one service, and last weekend they were both online. I wasn’t involved in both last week, but I will be involved in the the larger one this coming weekend. 

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How to Sell…an Enema Kit?

If you can sell an enema kit to a farmer in front of a bunch of his peers, you can probably sell anything. But you need to makes sure you do this one thing.

A big lesson in communication and persuasion from a farm auction.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The sales person was outstanding- calm, helpful, sensitive to personal space, not at all pushy.

The sales manager was a little more aggressive, but still helpful.

We bought, and were told we’d be sent a survey from head office.

The salesman and franchise we purchased from would appreciate it if we could give the highest possible scores.

Anything less than the best possible score was considered a fail, we were told.

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