Delete The App

For a few days last week my phone was driving me crazy. It would be good most of the day and then every evening it froze up on me. I could reboot it and it would work for a couple minutes, then it would freeze. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and it was driving me bonkers.

Finally, I did what you’re really supposed to do and I started playing with apps and looking at which apps were on, trying to turn some on and some off. At one point I got a notification from the nightlight app that it was having an issue. That was the clue because it was the blue light filter that I had set to come on at nine o’clock in the evening, and I realized that’s when my phone was seizing up.

For some reason in the morning it wasn’t working well if I got up early, because it kicked off at six o’clock. So I deleted the app and wouldn’t you know, it, my phone just started working perfectly. It was a beautiful thing. Before I found the problem, I was going through all kinds of scenarios, and even wondering if I needed to get a new phone. It started driving me crazy.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how many of the challenges we face, there is often one simple solution or one simple step that really starts to address the problem in a big way. This is obviously related to the whole One Thing concept, the Big Domino concept. What’s the one thing that if you do it, everything else is simpler or unnecessary.

It’s kind of the same thing, but maybe more from a problem solving angle. Looking at your problems and at things that are seizing you up and if you step back and take a high level, you might discover that there’s one thing that is causing a lot of grief and really makes a big difference. It can be in areas of productivity, your health, a relational situation or your fine finances.

I remember doing premarital with a couple that was having some challenges with finances and got them to do a look at their budget or lack of budget, or more accurately, their spending patterns. As is often the case with a lot of people, there was a vast amount of money going towards eating out.

Eating out is a luxury, not a necessity, and if you’re in tight financial circumstances, that’s probably one of the things that should go soonest. Even if you’re eating out once a week, it costs a couple at any kind of restaurant around $2,000 a year, at least in my area here. That’s really just the bare minimum of eating out a little bit.

So, take a look at what is freezing up your phone and what is freezing up your schedule, freezing up your finances, and your relationships. See if there’s that one thing you can delete and remove that will make all the difference in the world.

God bless you as you seek to focus on the right priorities and the right mission. God bless and press on.

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