Neil Patel vs Seth Godin

Seth Godin vs Neil PatelTwo of the many people I follow in the marketing world are Seth Godin and Neil Patel.

Both are immensely successful and at the same time perfectly unique.

Neil’s blog is a vast catalogue of massive articles which delve deep into various aspects of marketing. They are full of infographics, statistics, examples, and sprinkled with ads, even fairly aggressive pop-ups, designed to get you into his orbit via an email subscription.

If you are interested in an marketing topic and Neil has a related article, you will get the 101, 201, 301 and sometimes 401 level all in one shot.

Here’s an example of one of his posts:

I don’t know how often he posts, but it seems to be weekly, give or take. He also has a stack of videos and a podcast. His approach is to generate massive volumes of focused, in depth content.

Seth Godin also has a very popular blog.

He has posted every single day for years.

His posts are focused, but very short, and generally devoid of graphics.

His posts are more philosophical, introspective and as much about improving yourself as improving your marketing.

Here’s his most recent post, and at 400 words it’s longer than most:

Out of curiosity I Googled “Seth Godin vs Neil Patel”.

The top result was an article by Neil highlighting 10 Things Seth Godin Can Teach You About Blogging. 

The second result is a post by Seth responding one of Neil’s posts in which Neil highlights some things Seth does wrong!

Seth’s post is a concise summary of their different approaches.

The third post is…well you can Google it.

My take home is this: Both of these writers and marketers are masters, and one of the big reasons they are masters is that they are being themselves and doing business in a way that matches their personalities, values and unique wiring.

And I think that’s a solid recipe for success in both marketing and life.

Be yourself, eh!

P.S.: Just noticed both are bald and have a similar structure to their names. May or may not be a success principle…


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