Morning Routine

One of the things that has helped me maintain at least some sense of level headedness in unsettled times of this past year has been a fairly consistent morning routine. It’s not a rigorous morning routine, but it’s a pattern of the way I do my first part of the day that doesn’t really change no matter what’s going on.

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The Stress Is Real

There’s been a lot going on, not just in the world, but in our lives and our roles. I’m involved in the search process, transitional process, for two churches. One has now called the candidate, which we are very excited about. Their start date is November, so we’re in the wind down stage here.

Typically we have an overlap of about a month, especially if I’m living in the same community at the time, which we will be, where I’m basically on call for the pastor. We meet formally, typically once a week, handover documents, and talk about the life of the church and get all the logistics laid out.

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My Covid 15 Pounds

I’ve been hearing a lot about the whole COVID 15 thing, which is not about the virus itself, but about the weight gain that a lot of people are having during the slowdown. I think summer has helped a lot. My own COVID 15 story has to do with a loss of 15+ pounds which is a sustained loss on the calendar year so far. A few things have contributed to that and have really saved my bacon when it comes to living healthily in this disrupted season.

March 15th was our last day of cross country skiing this year. That’s when the conditions in our area started getting bad. There’s usually a gap between when skiing ends and when canoeing starts, depending where we’re living. If you’re living in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, you can go skiing in the morning and paddling in the afternoon. If you like you can paddle all year if you can handle the temperature. Around here where we are right now in the East Kootenays of British Columbia, there’s a bit of a gap.

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Five Habits For Pastors (or Anyone) Working From Home

I’m going to share with you, very quickly, five excellent habits for pastors or anybody working from home. In fact, they work even if you’re not working from home. These really do help you get the most out of your day and help your productivity, your energy level and everything else. We’ll walk through in the order in which they will happen. 

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The 8020 of Leading in Crisis

I want to take a look at the 8020 of disruptive, crisis leadership. Or maybe it’s better stated “the 8020 of leading in disruption and crisis”. 8020 Pastors and Priority Pastor are about crafting a focused, sustainable life and ministry. 

When it comes to disruption and crisis, if you’re a leader and you want to maintain this focus, stability, and sustainability, the 8020, is very clearly in my mind, self leadership. It’s about taking care of yourself and putting on your own oxygen mask first, as the flight attendant says before take-off. This can be a little bit counter to our pastoral bias towards self-sacrifice, rightly or wrongly. 

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