Netflix Free Zone

It’s not often that one change will positively affect your life on multiple levels.

After a two week trial run of Netflix on Friday evenings only, multiple books have already been read, productivity has been heightened, evening snacks eliminated, flab diminished and sleep improved. We are now Netflix free.

Even if we rent a movie online once a week, which will cost twice as much each month as Netflix did, we will each have ~50 hours in that same month to allocate elsewhere. So we’re trading ten or twenty dollars for an extra hundred hours. 

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Slow Learner

Delegation, asking for helpSame old mistake.

Fought with a technical issue for half a day without making any progress.

Finally, just before bed, I posted a job on Upwork asking for someone to either do what I needed to do or simply consult with me.

Next morning, Joe from Austin Texas who charges $53 per hour messaged me and said he could help.

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To Do or Not To Do

The purpose of to do lists“How many to-do’s are on your to-do list?”

An innocent enough question.

“One hundred and fifty to two hundred,” I replied.

He laughed out loud and said “That’s nuts!”

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More Time or Money?

Do you have more time or money?Do you have more time or money?

The correct answer is “money.”

Even if your balance is $0. Or -$278,000.

Because money is replaceable, time is not.

So if you can use money to free up time, it’s often the wisest course of action.

BUT, before you can apply this principle strategically, you need to establish a value for your time.

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