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Quit Being Baited…

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Murtle Lake Canoe Trip

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Some shots from our Murtle Lake canoe trip, 2013. Hoping to get back there shortly!

Netflix Free Zone

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It’s not often that one change will positively affect your life on multiple levels.

After a two week trial run of Netflix on Friday evenings only, multiple books have already been read, productivity has been heightened, evening snacks eliminated, flab diminished and sleep improved. We are now Netflix free.

Even if we rent a movie online once a week, which will cost twice as much each month as Netflix did, we will each have ~50 hours in that same month to allocate elsewhere. So we’re trading ten or twenty dollars for an extra hundred hours.  Read More→

Ode to Netflix

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Best Marriage Books

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These are some of the best marriage and relationship books we have come across over the years. I’ve recommended them all, but we most often give away copies of Love & Respect.
Click on any of the pictures to learn more.

 Written from a Christian worldview, but accessible to anyone, this book brings many to a big “aha!”  People we have given this book to often say something like “That principle explained everything about our relationship.”





Written from a non-faith perspective, this book gives scientifically verified principles for what actually makes a relationship work, often contradicting popular cultural ideas. Eye opening and immediately actionable.





It seems like this book has been around forever- and yet it is still a big seller. A very simple idea that can change the way you relate to spouses, children, parents, friends and even the people you work with.