Business vs Ministry

One of the Internet marketing fellows I follow online made this comment: He said that starting a business is the best personal development course you’ll ever take. And he talked about the stuff you learn and who you become, the pressures you face, the problems you solve and overcome, the goals you accomplish- all that.

And I got to thinking about that principle and the things I’ve learned in the business world. I got thinking “Well what about being in Christian leadership?” That’s a pretty high level of personal development as well for a lot of the same reasons- for the problems you solve, the pressures you face, the things you learn, who you become. It’s all kind of the same.

I’ve moved from pastoral ministry into business and back and in fact I find myself in a place right now where somehow I am trying to navigate this situation where I’m in business as a consultant serving churches. And I also have my online work and my Internet marketing and all that stuff. So I’m in both worlds.

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Consumer or Producer?

This is Daren Wride and welcome to Priority Pastor.

How often do you hear an idea that just kinda roots in your head it’s like a little thought bomb that changes your thinking or shifts your thinking in some small, but permanent way.

I had one of those moments a while ago and I came across a fella who was explaining the difference between being a consumer or a producer online.

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Trust Busters & Trust Builders

Welcome to Priority Pastor, this is Daren Wride. I’m going to talk today about trust busters and trust builders.

A question we find helpful to ask going into transitional situations where there’s often been a crisis of some kind or some kind of awkward pastoral transition, is to ask the leadership both, formal and informal- that would be your board of elders as well as people who are just part of the church, but influential long term members- ask them what kinds of things that if you did them inadvertently would would break trust, would raise suspicion, would put up a wall between you and the congregation. And these are things that are not necessarily bad things, but because of the history and the culture of the church in the community, they would immediately break trust.

For instance, I went into one church and when I asked this question, right away some of the people said don’t use the phrase “on the bus, off the bus.” That whole terminology about the right seats in the bus… The previous pastor really used that phraseology a lot and always challenged people to get on the bus or get off the bus in a very dictatorial, almost offensive kind of way. They said any kind of phraseology like that is going to put up an immediate wall.

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Principles for Personal Evangelism

Today I’m sharing a final excerpt from the personal evangelism crash course. Today we’re going to look at some some observations from the way Jesus dealt with people who were spiritual outsiders, as well as I’ll just fire off kind of a machine gun method, some important little principles and things we need to know about personal evangelism.

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We can learn a lot about evangelism and witness from looking at the life of Jesus. In fact a great exercise is to read the Gospels and see how Jesus interacts with those who are spiritual outsiders, who are far from God and there are many principles you can pull out.

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Preparing for a Lead Pastor Job Interview

Hi this is Daren Wride and welcome to Priority Pastor.

Got a text yesterday from our friend who is interviewing for a lead pastor role. He’s pretty excited about it, as am I. I think he’s been shortlisted and they’re just checking out some more details about him.

And he wanted to know if I had any tips for him as he went into this interview and so I wrote him a note; spent some time and wrote him a note. It’s similar to advice I’d given to others in the past and I thought I would pass it on to you in case you’re ever interviewing to be a lead pastor or even a staff pastor. There are some principles here that I think will apply to you.

The most important thing in a job interview for a ministry is that your posture isn’t one of trying to get the job. That’s not the mindset to go into the interview. The mindset for the interview is that you are in discernment mode. That is you are trying to discern if you would go there, should you be called there.

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