Thanks For Your Loyalty

Every now and then I get a call from my cell phone provider thanking me for being such a great customer and offering me something in return for my loyalty.

It always includes me giving them more money.

Late last year I received an email from them with the same “thanks for your loyalty” message offering me a credit card.

What I never get from them is a call saying “There’s a better plan for you given your usage patterns. Let us save you some money…”

One time they boosted my plan by mistake. When I called to get it rolled back to what I’d had I was told that the initial plan was no longer available.

Even though I’m such a loyal customer.

As Kristin and I move through the final week before our 30th anniversary, I’m wondering how to express my gratitude for her love and partnership in life.

“Hey baby, I love you so much, take a look at this new gun I bought with your tax return.”

“It’s been a great three decades. I want to say thanks in a special way. How about a foot rub? No, I meant how about YOU give ME a foot rub?”

“Yeah I remember those long walks and talks we used to have. But that was in decade #1. I’m no longer available for that kind of thing.”

It sounds so ridiculous in the context of a real relationship.

But it’s not just my cellphone provider that tries this kind of stunt.

Which means that the tactic is probably working.

Which makes me wonder why.

Perhaps we’re hungry for gratitude and recognition.

I’m tempted to reply to all future “offers of thanks” with a short blunt email, but I think what I will do instead is look for ways to express my gratitude to people in a way that requires me to give rather than take.

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