Why We Need Mentors

Dollarphotoclub_51245216_mentors_500wWhy do we need mentors or partners in our lives?

  • We all have down times where we need encouragement and advice.
  • We will all face situations where our knowledge and experience is insufficient.
  • Most people who are successful over the long haul can point to three-ten others who have helped them along the way.
  • The relative absence of good mentoring relationships gives those who have them a competitive advantage in almost any endeavour.

What makes a good mentor?
In the book Connecting: The Mentoring Relationships You Need to Succeed in Life by Paul Stanley and J. Robert Clinton suggest the following traits of a good mentor:

  • Ability to see potential in others
  • Tolerance and patience with a person who is not as advanced as they are in an area
  • Flexibility
  • Perspective- knowing that time and experience will make a difference
  • A natural gift of encouragement that builds up the mentee

We all need a team, partners, mentors, to reach our full potential.
Who do you see in your life as possible mentors?
Make a list…

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