When We Need Mentors

As mentioned last time, mentors are an essential component of long term personal growth. Dollarphotoclub_77248055_when800

I would argue that most of us need mentors in one or more area of our lives all the time. But, how do you know when and where you need a mentor?

You need a mentor when you are plateaued or puzzled in a key area of life.

It may be a personal area of life, or it may lean more towards the vocational or professional side of things, but when you notice a plateau- a sustained lack of growth- or an increasing number of unanswered questions, that is a clue that you need a mentor in that area.

When I was transitioning between the nonprofit and business worlds, I quickly realized that while there were some similarities, there were also some massive differences between the two. Before I even had a chance to formally seek a business mentor, I serendipitously met Wayne Cotton, who has been in the business world pretty well his entire working life. He is a great systematizer of business principles, as well as what I refer to as a “compulsive mentor”- he freely and effectively passes on his wisdom. In addition, his wife and business partner Brenda is a whiz when it comes to the numbers side of things, and I have frequently emailed her with my questions.

This is just one example of many from my own life, of how mentors have made a difference.

Where are you puzzled, where are you plateaued? In other words, in what area of life do you need a mentor?

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