To Do or Not To Do

The purpose of to do lists“How many to-do’s are on your to-do list?”

An innocent enough question.

“One hundred and fifty to two hundred,” I replied.

He laughed out loud and said “That’s nuts!”

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Life, by the Decade

The primary focus of each decade of life.Just got a crisp little email from my lifelong mentor Bobb Biehl.

He summarizes the focus of each decade of life as follows:

  • Childhood = Security
  • Teens = Self
  • 20’s = Survival
  • 30’s = Success
  • 40’s = Significance/Struggle
  • 50’s = Stride
  • 60’s = Strategic
  • 70’s = Succession
  • 80’s = Slippery
  • 90’s = Sleep

These one word summaries are the “normal” focus for each decade based on observations of thousands of people over forty years.

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