Increased Focus

As you can see if you poke around this site at all, you can see that a lot of what I am currently doing is shifting my work to allow more time for writing.

My consulting contract is slightly less than full time, 37.5 hours, which as anyone in their own business knows is quite a short work week. This leaves me a lot of time for other things. The problem was, between the consulting/transitional work, speaking, client internet marketing and personal internet marketing projects, there wasn’t a lot of time left for writing. But that’s changing.

I recently shed my last major marketing client and have a few one offs to do for others before I client-free. I’ve been telling them that I am taking a minimum 10-12 months off of marketing for clients.

As far as the speaking, I still have a strong online presence and am represented by a few bureaus, but am not aggressively marketing. Plus I have a friend I am quite confident referring possible speaking clients to for team building related events.

This all means that there is increasingly more time for writing- current focus on The DNA of a Christ Follower– and marketing my first book Release and developing related products. I’m looking forward to it all very much.

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