Release Now on Kindle

book3d_150I’m very happy to announce that Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul is now available for Amazon Kindle.

This has been a long time coming, and now with plans for my new book DNA of a Christ Follower to go on Kindle as well, I decided setting up Release on Amazon would also make sense.

So it’s there, priced at $4.49 USD as of this moment.

CLICK HERE to get Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul for Amazon Kindle

There has been an issue with getting the five sketches in the book, done by my friend Dave Watland, to show properly on all devices, but they are not essential to the book and will soon be remedied.

You can of course still get Release in paperback for $19 plus shipping:

So, if you haven’t picked up Release in any version yet, now’s your chance to get it in either Kindle or softcover. cabin

It’s still early enough in the year for this book to make a huge difference in your 2016. And, it won’t be long before the much-awaited Release Manual will be coming along.

So read the book, and get ready for personal growth!

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