No Longer Interested

west coast trail campingFor years, when asked to list my interests, I’ve said something like “Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing, cross country skiing.”

So far this year I’ve discovered that two of those are not true.


As we canoe down a river or around a lake, we come across little streams, the mouths of which are generally a pretty good place to take a few casts.

But we almost never do, because I’d rather see what’s around the corner.

If we’re camping somewhere on a lake I might do a little fishing because it’s a chance for free-ish food.

But fishing is take it or leave it for me. In fact I’m in the process of getting rid of all my fly-fishing gear because the spinning gear is enough to haul around for what little fishing I do.


This was the big surprise: I don’t actually like camping.

I like what accompanies camping- access to remote waterways, staging for some outstanding hikes, KD over a fire, cheap accommodations, solitude.

But camping itself, for its own sake, just to sleep somewhere else and hang out by a picnic table is definitely not an interest. There needs to be some activity attached.

This could be in part due to our Lake Country condo, which still feels like living at a resort for us.

It could be due to the fact that we camp in a tent, which despite our high quality mattresses and large party-sized sleeping bag is not nearly as comfortable as a real bed.

The proof of our low passion for camping surfaced just last week.

We were heading through Jasper, planning to camp at Waterfowl Lakes, where we have camped, canoed and thoroughly enjoyed staying before.

But it was cloudy and wet and cold. No canoeing would be happening. (Kristin’s core values are “warm” and “dry.”) And the thought of staying another night in the tent just didn’t grip us.

Plus I’d been thinking all day about Sicamous.

D’Dutchman Dairy to be precise.

More than 50 possible flavours of ice cream, to be even more precise.

We did a loop through the campground, looked at each other, headed down to the Trans Canada and took a right.

A short while later, a waffle cone filled with salted caramel ice cream was in hand.

A short while later, Emerald Point- a pool, a hot tub and our lovely bed.

Revised interest list: Hunting, canoeing, hiking, cross-country skiing, ice cream.

And home.

4 thoughts on “No Longer Interested”

    • Yep- son and family now in Edmonton area. But if you are referring to the picture of the tents, that is of course from our WCT adventure a few years ago.

    • Oh I will still fish, but it was never on par with hunting for me. And I’ve realized we both just prefer to explore rather than stopping to fish. As for the kayak, there’s nothing wrong with thinking about it- temptation isn’t sin. (Some nice fishing pics you’ve been posting by the way!)


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