Priorities, Planning and Productivity Resources

Below are the links and resources I mentioned, plus a few others! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Goal Setting Worksheet and info about Release Life Planning System

Life Roots Worksheet


Life Planning Template

A Single Year

EverNote: Keep track of everything

Fiverr: Outsourcing network

Upwork: Outsourcing network

Rescue Time: Find out how you really use your time!

The Secret Weapon: How to integrate GTD and Evernote

Fences: Organizing your Windows desktop

The Pause app

Roboform: An outstanding password manager

Marketing DNA Test

Kolbe Inventory

ShipIt Journal: Seth Godin’s primer on getting a project/product done

DNA of a Christ Follower
^ The site for my discipleship book DNA of a Christ Follower.

^ More about my book Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul

Free Stuff

^ Some other free resources on this site including How to Take a Retreat.
Bobb Biehl’s many epic resources

Note: Some of these links (just the books I think) are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on them and buy something I might get a commission. So…click and buy away!