The Goal Setting Worksheet

Step 1: State your goal. It must be specific, challenging, attainable.


Step 2: List all the reasons you want to achieve this goal. What will be the benefits?

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Step 3: List all the obstacles you know of between you and the goal.



Why have you not yet achieved it?


Step 4: What is the primary constraint, the one barrier, which if removed, would bring you dramatically closer to your goal?



Step 5: List all the sacrifices you will need to make to achieve this goal.



Step 6: What information or skill do you need to achieve this goal?



Step 7: Who can partner with you to help you reach this goal?



Step 8: What are all the steps, in order, that you will need to take to reach this goal?





Step 9: What are the three or four primary steps to take to reach the goal?
(Boil down the ones from Step 8)




Step 10: Which habits will you need to establish to reach this goal?






Step 11: What landmarks, reference points, will be evidence that you are reaching your goal?





Step 12: How committed are you to reaching this goal No Matter What?

Not At All      Sort Of      Moderately      Significantly      Definitely


Step 13: What’s one simple thing you can do right now, today, to move toward the goal?



Step 14. Take Action Today!