Saving vs Investing

Release, A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul, by Daren Wride
My First Book: Release

Came across an article on savings and compound interest. The author’s intent was to encourage savings by showing the power of compound interest.

The chart in the article showed how a $200/month investment at 3.5% would lead you to save $24,200 over ten years, and gain an extra $4853 in interest, for a total savings of $29,053.


Didn’t make me want to save any more.

How about this:

  • Write a book
  • Self-publish
  • Print 1000 copies for a total cost of about $5 bucks each. That includes cover design and layout and editing. And probably delivery to you.
  • Sell 250 books at $20 to cover your costs

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Standup GeekDesk Report

Geekdesk original setup
The Original Setup of My Geekdesk

I’ve had my Geekdesk for more than five years now.

The positive affect on my health is hard to quantify, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than a placebo effect.

My core is definitely firmer (Those are abs you see, not rolls!) and my back is stronger.

And what about the hundreds of hours of standing vs sitting? That’s gotta make a difference!

There’s been an interesting progression in the use of my desk.

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How to Have a Productive Afternoon

I’m aproductivity_cmp morning person. I get 50-100% more done in a morning hour than in an afternoon hour. My thinking is clearer and I am more creative. My second best chunk of time is often from 6-9 pm in the evening. But afternoons can be a challenge, and from what I have seen this is true for many people.

One year ago, that would have been true for me. I have since narrowed the gap dramatically, to the point where my afternoons, while still not as productive as my mornings, are now better than that evening slot. And some days, the morning and the afternoon seem pretty close.

Here’s what’s changed:

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