Missing the Tent

Foster Lake near Lynn Lake Manitoba
Foster Lake, near Lynn Lake, Manitoba, winter 1984. I & E (Bjornson) Exploration

During my first three years out of high school, I spent several months each winter living in a tent.

One winter I did a solid three months, January-March with no days back in town.

The tents, usually 14×16 feet in size, made up the camps from which we cut survey lines or did geophysics for mineral exploration.

Since the camps were typically fly-in, with high costs for transporting gear, the weight and volume of our equipment was kept to a minimum.

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Clarity and Control

Clarity and ControlThe desire for clarity is the desire for control.

At least for me.

And the clarity/control I crave most is for outcomes: I want to control what happens.

Which is a recipe for frustration.

Because the world is too complex and change is too rapid for any of us to control the outcomes.

But I’ve discovered a loophole for control freaks like me…and you.

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Canoes vs Kayaks

Canoeing vs KayakingToo Many Kayaks Not Enough Canoes

Several times each year when people find out how much Kristin and I canoe they ask why if we kayak (No) and then why not.

My stock answer is “You can’t carry a moose with a kayak.”

And they always think I’m joking.

Kayaks have their place: the ocean, white water, the arctic. But most of the kayaks you see are beach toys. Oversized, plastic rubber duckies. (Don’t get me started on paddle boards…)

Canoes are tools.

This became very evident a few weeks ago when we drove from the kayak-infested Okanagan Valley into north central British Columbia.

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Driving Under the Speed Limit

Chevy Venture goes 166 kph
Our Chevy Venture cracked 166 kph on the Bonneville Speedway.

First there was the holiday planned around how we wanted to feel rather than what we wanted to do.

Then came the holiday where I chose to drive under the speed limit.

The theory was that driving fast was more stressful, and of course more dangerous. As a result, driving just a bit under the speed limit would make for a better holiday.

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The Myth of Multi-Tasking

MultitaskingJust saw another one: A job description calling for the skill of multitasking.

“We are looking for someone who is a high capacity leader, team player, people magnet, mobilizer, multi-tasker and a great communicator.”

Translation: Let us hire you and kill you.

While there is some evidence that the female brain is capable of a certain level of true multitasking, I’m not aware of anything suggesting this is an effective, sustainable way to operate.

And if you’re male, well, it’s actually impossible.

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