Slow Learner

Delegation, asking for helpSame old mistake.

Fought with a technical issue for half a day without making any progress.

Finally, just before bed, I posted a job on Upwork asking for someone to either do what I needed to do or simply consult with me.

Next morning, Joe from Austin Texas who charges $53 per hour messaged me and said he could help.

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Who Are You Online?

I just completed a small contract in which I hired a man from Pakistan via UpWork to do some work on my website.

He was fantastic, and did the initial job, which would have taken me two days and it still would’ve been wrong, in 90 minutes.

who_are_you_250x375I then decided to do some work on a different website, and there were suddenly glitches. I know enough about such things to know the problem was with the webhost, not my freelancer, and we worked through it together. He spent 3 hours on the task (until after 2 am in his time zone) and then refused to bill me for it because we didn’t achieve the objective!

I gave him a substantial bonus when it was all over to thank him for his hard work and the great advice he gave me about the site.

Then he said a couple things which both encouraged me and made me wonder.

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