Fear-Driven Decision Making

Fear-Driven Decision Making“I have personally seen very successful businesses destroyed by their owners making a
sequence of fear-driven decisions. I have seen none destroyed by courage.” -Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a brilliant and very successful direct marketer, famous in both the offline and online marketing worlds. I had the privilege of seeing him live back in 1997 and I still have the notes. I’m currently reading yet another one of his books.

I think his observation applies to more than just business.

It’s not that fear-driven decisions will necessarily destroy your life, as in kill you. But they may well suck the joy out of your life. And the adventure. And the whole point.

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Goal Setting Worksheet

There is a lot of theory and a lot of chatter online and offline about goal-setting:

  • “Are your goals SMART?”
  • “Should you focus on problem solving instead of goal-setting?”
  • “Is goal-setting simply wishful thinking?”
  • “Do people obsess about setting goals as a way to avoid taking action?”
goal setting worksheet
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While I recognize that some people may have a bias toward goal-setting, and others towards problem solving, I still see a problem solving orientation as a form of goal-setting. Classic goal-setting which focuses on where I want to go and what do I want to achieve seems to appeal to those with and offensive mindset whereas problem solving seems to click for those with a defensive mindset. However, if you are a problem solver, you are in a sense focusing on the goal of solving that problem; ultimately you are focused, which is the start of any successful outcome.

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