What You Need to Do

Delayed GratificationA multiple Grammy award winning solo musical artist once let slip that the reason he did a certain album was so he’d be free to do the kind of music he really wanted.

“I had to do that…so I could this.”

It’s not that the make-money album was a bust. The related performance drew one of his many Grammy nominations.

But it really wasn’t the music he wanted to do. Yet he did it so he could be free to run with his artistic preferences in the future.

This reminds me of a Ziglarism: “If you do what you need to do when you need to do it, the day will come when you can do what you want to do when you want to do it.”

Delayed gratification, a foundational principle for all kinds of success, isn’t just about NOT doing something now. It’s also about DOING the right things in the present as a setup and preparation for the future.

Step away from the donut…and go for a walk.

Teapot Mountain Hike

A friend took me out to Teapot Mtn near Prince George last week and I decided to go back and make a slideshow/video about it.

This is a nice short, high-return hike that still gives you a bit of a workout.

The mosquitoes can be nasty. I’d suggest hiking boots vs runners. And if you have younger children, once you get to the crest, be careful along the lip of the cliffs.

Mortality Part 1: I Discovered I was Mortal When…

Snow Lake Canoe RaceLabour Day Weekend, 1982.

Two weeks earlier my canoe racing partner and I had won our class at the Canadian nationals in long distance canoe racing.

We were now in the biggest race in North America, Classique internationale de canots de la Mauricie, aka The Classic, aka Shawinigan.

We had a bad start, and got behind the huge waves (3-4 feet!) created by the combined waves of the 100 or so canoes at the starting line. At one point the water in front of us was sucked away and we ended up on dry land, requiring us to get out and carry the canoe sideways back into the river.

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Standup GeekDesk Report

Geekdesk original setup
The Original Setup of My Geekdesk

I’ve had my Geekdesk for more than five years now.

The positive affect on my health is hard to quantify, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than a placebo effect.

My core is definitely firmer (Those are abs you see, not rolls!) and my back is stronger.

And what about the hundreds of hours of standing vs sitting? That’s gotta make a difference!

There’s been an interesting progression in the use of my desk.

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