Release Life Planning System

Step Out of the Fog, Drop the Baggage,
Take Action Toward Your Dreams

Do you ever feel like your life is one big circle, and every time you stop to reflect on where you are and where you’re going, you have a sense of “been there, done that”?

Do you find yourself lacking focus and clarity, so that even when a dream begins to surface and you get an idea you want to pursue you aren’t really sure how to take action on that idea?

Do you have a sense that there is so much more potential in you than you and those around you are seeing, but you don’t know how to uncork it?

Many years ago, I felt the same way.

But through a lot of reading and reflection, trial and error, I got through it and developed my own system for getting on track and staying on track. I had to wade through a lot of manure to get there- there’s a lot more baloney and superficial advice out there than truth- but I eventually managed to get my bearings.

From time I shared my ideas, in informal conversations and occasional talks, and the response was surprising: “I’ve never heard it put quite that way before” and “That was really helpful.” I even heard those words every writer and speaker longs to hear: “That talk changed my life.”

Eventually it dawned on me that maybe I should write down the process and principles I’d discovered, been applying to my own life and sharing in these talks to make them available to a wider audience.

book3d_150Rather than sharing the principles in a matter of fact, point by point way, which frankly would have been more natural and much easier for me, I decided to try to tell a story in which the principles of Release were revealed. When the first draft was done, it seemed to work, so I pushed ahead with refinements and the result was my book Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul.

As it says on the back of the book, the story takes the form of a “two-week wilderness adventure, in which participants are confronted with their pain, dreams and stunning personal potential.” And of course that’s also what happened to the readers.

The book came out, I thought I was done with the project but I then I got another surprise: People wanted more. They wanted a workbook, or a workshop, or a home study course. They wanted the principles unpacked in more detail than they had been in the story. They wanted help applying those principles to their lives. They wanted seminars, they wanted coaching. And perhaps the most pleasant surprise of all, was the day I stumbled across someone’s online list of the 10 most significant books in their lives, and Release was in their list.

So, I did a bit of speaking and coaching related to Release, but I was not at that time at a stage of life that would allow me to give it the attention it required and do the principles justice in a way that would truly help people.

But I am now.

The result is the Release Life Planning System.

It’s an online course that walks through the principles of Release and provides exercises to apply the principle and bring them to bear in your life.

If you’ve read the book, you will recall the three phases of Release:

  • Harness Your History
  • Focus Your Future
  • Master Your Moment

Each of these phases has several steps and most steps have one or two application exercises. In all, there are twenty separate modules, plus a Bonus section distinct from the system that supplements the course content with a lesson on how to take a personal retreat as well as some background info into the philosophical and spiritual background of Release.

Each of the primary lessons comes in video format, with a downloadable mp3 of the audio and a pdf of the transcript. The exercises are provided in downloadable pdf format as well.

sittin_smileGuarantee: If you purchase the Release Life-Planning System and after 30 days are not satisfied that it will help you gain clarity and move ahead in life, I will refund you for the full purchase amount.

Enjoy the Journey!

Daren Wride
Author of Release

P.S.: If you are unsure that the Release System will be a fit for you, I’d suggest you get a copy of the book and give it a quick read. If the approach and principles in the book resonate with you and you want to dig in and apply them, then this course will be a perfect fit!

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