Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul (Release Paperback)


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Release uses the story of a fictional two-week wilderness adventure to teach the life-planning and goal setting system developed by Daren Wride.

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“Each of us is on a journey. But it’s tragically easy to walk the beaten path over and over again — never learning, never growing, never gaining ground. We become masters of our work, sculptors of our bodies, and experts in shallow relationships, while too often failing to cultivate our souls and reach the destinations we truly crave. In moments of vulnerability, we might admit that we can’t even identify those desired destinations. Why? Because this all takes time — unrushed time, reflection, solitude. And in much of the world today there is no rarer commodity.” (From the Author’s Note to the Reader.)

There are three phases to this system:

  • Harnessing Your History
  • Focusing Your Future, and
  • Mastering Your Moment

As you read, you will notice some similarities to other teachers and speakers regarding the big issues of life, but there are some notable differences, even some ideas that are contrary to other “self-help” philosophies. And these differences are where the power and uniqueness of this process truly resides.

The Author’s Note concludes with these words: “My prayer for you, and for every person who launches out on the Adventure of the Soul, is this: May you be released to more clearly see both your place in this world and the Creator’s heart for you. And may you have the courage to take the next step on your journey, wherever it leads.”

This book is designed to help make that happen!