DNA of a Christ Follower – One Time Offer- DNA Paperback

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Discover the 8 Essential Traits of a Follower of Jesus Christ.

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The word Christian, once a powerful descriptor of a peculiar people, has become meaningless. It no longer identifies those who have aligned themselves with the person of Jesus Christ.

Imagine a world in which Christians again looked like Jesus.

  • Where spiritual leaders made disciples
  • Where churches were groups of people with an insatiable desire to follow their Saviour
  • Where those who identified themselves with Jesus accurately represented his character

It’s time to:

  • Simplify, clarify and focus your spiritual life
  • Raise up Christian leaders who make disciples
  • Help churches rediscover their reason for existence
  • Honestly ask “Am I identifiable as a follower of Jesus Christ?”

This book will challenge you to be a disciple and a maker of disciples!