When We Need Mentors

As mentioned last time, mentors are an essential component of long term personal growth. Dollarphotoclub_77248055_when800

I would argue that most of us need mentors in one or more area of our lives all the time. But, how do you know when and where you need a mentor?

You need a mentor when you are plateaued or puzzled in a key area of life.

It may be a personal area of life, or it may lean more towards the vocational or professional side of things, but when you notice a plateau- a sustained lack of growth- or an increasing number of unanswered questions, that is a clue that you need a mentor in that area.

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Why We Need Mentors

Dollarphotoclub_51245216_mentors_500wWhy do we need mentors or partners in our lives?

  • We all have down times where we need encouragement and advice.
  • We will all face situations where our knowledge and experience is insufficient.
  • Most people who are successful over the long haul can point to three-ten others who have helped them along the way.
  • The relative absence of good mentoring relationships gives those who have them a competitive advantage in almost any endeavour.

What makes a good mentor?
In the book Connecting: The Mentoring Relationships You Need to Succeed in Life by Paul Stanley and J. Robert Clinton suggest the following traits of a good mentor:

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You Need Mentors

When we think of goal setting, life planning, personal vision- all those sorts of things- we often think about them in very personal, often private terms. And, in many ways these are very personal issues.

However, you may recall (assuming you have read it) that the last step of the last phase of the Release system was to Pick your Partners:

“Life is meant to be lived in community. You need to take responsibility for your own values and decisions and direction, but once your course is set, you need help to keep the habits to reach your goals and realize your dreams.” (page 131-32, Release)

The next few posts will dive into this important issue. To get your wheels turning, here are some questions to reflect on:

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Release Now on Kindle

book3d_150I’m very happy to announce that Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul is now available for Amazon Kindle.

This has been a long time coming, and now with plans for my new book DNA of a Christ Follower to go on Kindle as well, I decided setting up Release on Amazon would also make sense.

So it’s there, priced at $4.49 USD as of this moment.

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There has been an issue with getting the five sketches in the book, done by my friend Dave Watland, to show properly on all devices, but they are not essential to the book and will soon be remedied.

You can of course still get Release in paperback for $19 plus shipping:

So, if you haven’t picked up Release in any version yet, now’s your chance to get it in either Kindle or softcover. cabin

It’s still early enough in the year for this book to make a huge difference in your 2016. And, it won’t be long before the much-awaited Release Manual will be coming along.

So read the book, and get ready for personal growth!