Night Skiing

Lit cross-country ski trail at Sovereign Lake.
Lit cross-country ski trail at Sovereign L.

Well, in our quest to get our twice a week, Kristin changed her shift so she gets off early a couple days a week, allowing us to get out night skiing at Sovereign Lake. We usually get there around dinner time, when no one else is out and leave just as others are arriving for their evening ski. As a result we often find the trails groomed and trackless as you can see in this picture. It’s like having your own private ski trail. As nice as the pic looks, it is hard to do justice to the beauty of this area whether in day or night- part of the awe is from the sheer scale of the whiteness.

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Canoeing vs Cross Country Skiing

Murltle Lake canoe tripWe finished our summer with just over 50 hours of paddling- less than we wanted but far more than recent years. The highlight was our Murtle Lake canoe trip in Wells Gray Provincial Park. We went in early June and beat the bugs- never saw any until the last night and the path out. The water was quite high so not all camp sites were accessible, but there were still plenty of places to camp. We ended up shore lining the entire lake, and would like to get back later in the year sometime when the water is low and all the beaches are fully exposed.Sovereign Lake cross country ski trails

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Increased Focus

As you can see if you poke around this site at all, you can see that a lot of what I am currently doing is shifting my work to allow more time for writing.

My consulting contract is slightly less than full time, 37.5 hours, which as anyone in their own business knows is quite a short work week. This leaves me a lot of time for other things. The problem was, between the consulting/transitional work, speaking, client internet marketing and personal internet marketing projects, there wasn’t a lot of time left for writing. But that’s changing.

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