Embracing Death

You do realize the life insurance is actually death insurance?

You don’t get paid if you live. The payout comes when you die, and you aren’t the one who gets it!

And when someone saves another person’s life, they haven’t actually saved a life, they’ve simply postponed a death.

I read about an insurance broker meeting with one of his 80 year old clients, and the client made the statement “If I die….”

If I die.

As if there is an if.

One time I was speaking at the funeral of a friend. I made the comment that death was coming toward each one of us like an unstoppable freight train. At that moment someone’s cell phone went off. And their ring tone was a train whistle.

Sobered everyone right up! It really helped make the point.

But what’s the point?

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How a Simple Machine Changed (and probably lengthened) My Life

I used to be a bit of a napper.

Well, that’s not completely accurate: I used to be an habitual napper. I could nap on demand. I could fall asleep on the couch before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, before bed…

One day, sitting on the couch at lunch I tilted my head over and dozed off. I woke up with a serous kink in my neck and discovered I’d been out for over two hours.

Then there was the time we were driving through mountain pass and I jerked up in my seat and told Kristin “I just woke up from a sleep! And the reason I know I was sleeping is because I was just dreaming!”

Time to do something about it.

I mentioned my sleepiness to a doctor, who referred me to a sleep clinic. Sure enough I had some pretty serious sleep apnea.

Long story short, I now use a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine.

And my napping has all but disappeared.

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Sooner Software: Camtasia

Sooner Software = Software I Wish I’d Used Sooner!

I have several pieces of software, both online and offline that have become essential to my work. From time to time I plan to highlight one of them.

Today’s focus is on Camtasia.

This is one I got almost right. That is I started using it about when I should have, probably just a few months after the ideal moment.

Camtasia is a screen recorder and video production tool that gets better with every update.

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The Myth of Multi-Tasking

MultitaskingJust saw another one: A job description calling for the skill of multitasking.

“We are looking for someone who is a high capacity leader, team player, people magnet, mobilizer, multi-tasker and a great communicator.”

Translation: Let us hire you and kill you.

While there is some evidence that the female brain is capable of a certain level of true multitasking, I’m not aware of anything suggesting this is an effective, sustainable way to operate.

And if you’re male, well, it’s actually impossible.

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How to Take a Personal Retreat

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One thing that becomes obvious to anyone who tries to work through the goal-setting and life-planning exercises mentioned in my book Release is that it takes time. Un-rushed time. And, as it says in the book’s Foreword, “In much of the world today there is no rarer commodity.”

One of the best things you can do to jump-start your life planning is to take a retreat. It’s not as scary as it sounds, and could be one of the most beneficial habits you form.

So, pasted for you below, taken from the upcoming Release Life Planning Manual, is a short summary of how to do a retreat. If this stirs you to do your first retreat, please let me know how it goes. And if you have other retreat tips, please share them below.

1. While it is possible to benefit from a half day or a day away by yourself, there is a significant gain in benefit if you can take two nights away. This gives you a full un-rushed day for reading, writing and reflection.

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