Congratulations on Your Debt

we get rewarded for debtThe salesman said it.

The sales manager said it.

The finance lady said it.

Even the insurance company rep said it.

“Congratulations on your new vehicle.”

I wondered if it was part of the post-sale script, part of the plan to eliminate buyer’s remorse.

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To Do or Not To Do

The purpose of to do lists“How many to-do’s are on your to-do list?”

An innocent enough question.

“One hundred and fifty to two hundred,” I replied.

He laughed out loud and said “That’s nuts!”

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Clarity and Control

Clarity and ControlThe desire for clarity is the desire for control.

At least for me.

And the clarity/control I crave most is for outcomes: I want to control what happens.

Which is a recipe for frustration.

Because the world is too complex and change is too rapid for any of us to control the outcomes.

But I’ve discovered a loophole for control freaks like me…and you.

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More Time or Money?

Do you have more time or money?Do you have more time or money?

The correct answer is “money.”

Even if your balance is $0. Or -$278,000.

Because money is replaceable, time is not.

So if you can use money to free up time, it’s often the wisest course of action.

BUT, before you can apply this principle strategically, you need to establish a value for your time.

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Driving Under the Speed Limit

Chevy Venture goes 166 kph
Our Chevy Venture cracked 166 kph on the Bonneville Speedway.

First there was the holiday planned around how we wanted to feel rather than what we wanted to do.

Then came the holiday where I chose to drive under the speed limit.

The theory was that driving fast was more stressful, and of course more dangerous. As a result, driving just a bit under the speed limit would make for a better holiday.

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