Discerning Spiritual Challenges

Discerning and Addressing Spiritual Challenges, Part 1

You can’t solve a leadership problem simply by praying more
You can’t solve a spiritual challenge with leadership savvy or charisma alone.

We know that every challenge is a “spiritual” issue in the sense that there is a spiritual interface or component to everything. For example, money is a spiritual issue.

But I find it helpful, in the intensity of life and ministry to identify if an issue or some component of the issue is primarily a technical issue or a spiritual issue.

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High Leverage Leadership Moments

High leverage leadership moments, events and decisions which will shape the life and ministry of a church for good or for ill, sometimes for years to come, occur frequently.

Pastors and other leaders need to take these moments seriously, prepare for them and “Be all there” in order to ensure that the the result is a more effective, focused ministry.

What Are You Really Up To?

Episode 20 of the PPX Podcast shares what I am up to with Priority Pastor, PastorX and my other online & offline activities. It’s a bit of a look behind the scenes at my motivations and plans.