Saving vs Investing

Release, A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul, by Daren Wride
My First Book: Release

Came across an article on savings and compound interest. The author’s intent was to encourage savings by showing the power of compound interest.

The chart in the article showed how a $200/month investment at 3.5% would lead you to save $24,200 over ten years, and gain an extra $4853 in interest, for a total savings of $29,053.


Didn’t make me want to save any more.

How about this:

  • Write a book
  • Self-publish
  • Print 1000 copies for a total cost of about $5 bucks each. That includes cover design and layout and editing. And probably delivery to you.
  • Sell 250 books at $20 to cover your costs

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Back in the late ’90’s I went to a daylong event full of motivational speakers, marketers, health experts and some famous but not so profound individuals who were clearly there for their name recognition, not their content.

However most of the speakers were outstanding.

One of the highlights of the day was Zig Ziglar. I’d heard about him, but didn’t know much about his story or personality.

In addition to his famous pump story which I’ve linked above, he shared insights into relationships, forgiveness, success and faith.

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Neil Patel vs Seth Godin

Seth Godin vs Neil PatelTwo of the many people I follow in the marketing world are Seth Godin and Neil Patel.

Both are immensely successful and at the same time perfectly unique.

Neil’s blog is a vast catalogue of massive articles which delve deep into various aspects of marketing. They are full of infographics, statistics, examples, and sprinkled with ads, even fairly aggressive pop-ups, designed to get you into his orbit via an email subscription.

If you are interested in an marketing topic and Neil has a related article, you will get the 101, 201, 301 and sometimes 401 level all in one shot.

Here’s an example of one of his posts:

I don’t know how often he posts, but it seems to be weekly, give or take. He also has a stack of videos and a podcast. His approach is to generate massive volumes of focused, in depth content.

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Mortality Part 3

Dave JohnsonJuly 2007.

My friend Dave had a nagging injury in his arm that didn’t seem to heal. His doctor grew suspicious and he was quickly diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The average life expectancy from time of diagnosis is two years.

Dave made it almost three and a half.

The fact that Dave was a wonderful, great man, a friend of many, made his passing hard.

But what made it even more intense for me personally was the fact that Dave and I were the same age. His son was the same age as, and friends with, my son. His daughter the same age as, and friends with, my daughter.

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