An Observation About Stress

How do we deal with stress? 

If we’re honest, we need to recognize that stress is actually about what’s going on in the inside, not what’s going on in the outside. Certainly there are things on the outside, external issues, challenges, problems at work and family that cause or generate stress. But the stress actually happens inside us. 

I discovered in a time of reflection last week that some internal stress is caused because we think we can control those externals. We think control is how it ought to be and we should be able to fix everything that needs fixing and control what needs controlling. 

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Business vs Ministry

One of the Internet marketing fellows I follow online made this comment: He said that starting a business is the best personal development course you’ll ever take. And he talked about the stuff you learn and who you become, the pressures you face, the problems you solve and overcome, the goals you accomplish- all that.

And I got to thinking about that principle and the things I’ve learned in the business world. I got thinking “Well what about being in Christian leadership?” That’s a pretty high level of personal development as well for a lot of the same reasons- for the problems you solve, the pressures you face, the things you learn, who you become. It’s all kind of the same.

I’ve moved from pastoral ministry into business and back and in fact I find myself in a place right now where somehow I am trying to navigate this situation where I’m in business as a consultant serving churches. And I also have my online work and my Internet marketing and all that stuff. So I’m in both worlds.

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What Is Your Trajectory?

Good day. Usually I record in my office on a nice little USB microphone right next to the computer, but today in preparation for a bit of a road trip where I might not have access to my nice little setup, I’m doing a podcast through my phone. I actually did a test a few minutes ago using the phone jack and the mic I would use if I was talking on the phone, and it really didn’t sound that great, so I’m doing this directly to the phone mic, which theoretically should be better. Anyway that’s the background if the audio is worse than usual, you’ll know why. 

I had the privilege just in the last few weeks to attend two very significant services, at least significant for those churches and the individuals who were the focal point because one was an ordination service, a recognition of someone’s call to ministry. And our in our circles, that’s what the ordination is and they’ve proven themselves and it’s a public recognition of that. And then I was also at an installation service, an induction service for the fella who was picking up after me in a transitional role I just completed. 

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