Canoes vs Kayaks

Canoeing vs KayakingToo Many Kayaks Not Enough Canoes

Several times each year when people find out how much Kristin and I canoe they ask why if we kayak (No) and then why not.

My stock answer is “You can’t carry a moose with a kayak.”

And they always think I’m joking.

Kayaks have their place: the ocean, white water, the arctic. But most of the kayaks you see are beach toys. Oversized, plastic rubber duckies. (Don’t get me started on paddle boards…)

Canoes are tools.

This became very evident a few weeks ago when we drove from the kayak-infested Okanagan Valley into north central British Columbia.

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Senseless Habits

Req Squirrel in a treeWay back in 1988 Kristin and I worked at a summer family camp helping with recreation for the high school students.

Each morning I got up early and went to a trail in the forest that had an old chair parked in a convenient spot. I’d sit and think and read and pray and get ready for the day ahead.

The first morning, just after I got settled in, I heard a rustling in the leaves. Along came a squirrel. It climbed up a small poplar tree that was bent out over the trail, likely due to a heavy snowfall the past winter.

The top of this tree leaned very close to a similar tree from the other side, forming a bridge of sorts, though the contact was minimal and the branches at that point weren’t much more than twigs.

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Teapot Mountain Hike

A friend took me out to Teapot Mtn near Prince George last week and I decided to go back and make a slideshow/video about it.

This is a nice short, high-return hike that still gives you a bit of a workout.

The mosquitoes can be nasty. I’d suggest hiking boots vs runners. And if you have younger children, once you get to the crest, be careful along the lip of the cliffs.