Inside You'll Learn:

The Social Media Addiction Breaker (that anyone can do but most won't...) which alone could get you those 4 hours.

A Simple Way to Instantly Save 1 Hour Per Week Eating (and it's not about eating quickly!) 

How to Deal With Individuals Who Don't Value Your Time and often rob you of several hours each week, without being rude or hurtful to them.

A Way to Cure Perfectionism and Save Time Simultaneously . Oh you're not a perfectionist? I bet you still need to get better at this, and will save time as a result. 

The Three Big Reasons You Need to Save Those 4 Hours Now! (and what to do with that extra time to give you increasing leverage in life and ministry.)


Let's Not Waste Any More Time

  • Download the Infographic/Cheatsheet
  • Watch the Video Overview
  • Select Just 4 of the 10 Ideas Presented
  • Enjoy a Little Bit of Margin!
  • Begin to Regain Some Sanity and Balance in Your Life and Ministry
  • And Then Discover What to Do Next...