Busy Pastor's Guide to 4 Free Hours

Do You Want 4 Free Hours This Week?

Let's Not Waste Any Time:

  • Download this infographic/cheatsheet
  • Watch the brief video overview
  • Select 4 of the 10 ideas presented
  • Enjoy a little bit of margin!

What Could Happen?

  • You could start moving from overwhelm to hope
  • You could create some space to think about your long term direction
  • You could begin to establish a sustainable pace of life and ministry

Quit Wasting Time, Quit Reading This Page. Just Get the CheatSheet. 

Daren Wride

This is where I would put my bio if I thought it was relevant at this point. But you don't need to read about me, you need to stop procrastinating and get the cheatsheet! 

Seriously, quit wasting time. 

Daren Wride

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