I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend

I didn’t marry
my best friend.

I married a girl
I really liked
Who really liked me.

We seemed to have complimentary values
and agreeable personalities.

There was an hormonal magnetism.

But despite what we might have said
at the time,
I didn’t know her
and she didn’t know me.

We jumped through the hoops
and tied off the knot
moving away from family and friends

Including our respective best friends.

We walked through the routine of life
punctuated by
the births of our children
the deaths of our parents
vehicle breakdowns
laughter and arguments
crisis and success.

But mostly the routine of life.

Then one day I woke up.
And there, lying right beside me,
was my best friend.

For Kristin, on our 30th

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  1. Best thing I have read that you wrote. Congratulations to you Daren and Kristen…you are both wonderful ❤️❤️❤️


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