Clarity and Control

Clarity and ControlThe desire for clarity is the desire for control.

At least for me.

And the clarity/control I crave most is for outcomes: I want to control what happens.

Which is a recipe for frustration.

Because the world is too complex and change is too rapid for any of us to control the outcomes.

But I’ve discovered a loophole for control freaks like me…and you.

We can’t control our destinations but we can control our directions.

We can enjoy “clarity of trajectory.”

The direction I’m heading right now is largely my choice.

I may never arrive at the location I’m shooting for. But if my trajectory is wise, the many points I pass along the way will be good.

A mentor once offered this advice, with reference to my chosen trajectory: “Enjoy the flight.”

And the only way I can do that is to stop pretending I control the outcomes, and embrace the freedom to choose my direction.


Photo credit:

Jairo Alzate

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