Saving vs Investing 2

saving money versus buying a courseIn a recent post I suggested that instead of putting away a few thousand dollars at low interest you might want to write a book.

That’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made, both in dollars and cents and in personal growth.

Here’s something else I’ve done that has paid off in both areas as well:

Several years ago, late 2008 or early 2009, I spent $2500 on a major online marketing course.

In addition to the several hours of classes each Monday, the homework took 2-4 hours each day.

For three months.

I got really good at many aspects of online marketing, expert level in a few. But then in November of 2009 the specific application the course was training us for was eviscerated by changes in Google.

It was like I was five years too late to the party.

Except that the things I’d learned through the course were directly applicable to marketing myself as a speaker, then marketing other speakers and then marketing other businesses.

A typical client was worth $499 immediately and then $299 per month. Some clients stayed for years. I actually had to ask some of them to find another marketer to serve them when I no longer wanted to do that kind of work.

Today, I occasionally do online marketing work for clients for $50-95/hour. Should probably charge more.

More significantly I continue to use what I learned then and have learned since to market my books, courses and anything else I want to market.

So if you have $200 a month to save or invest, you might want to take a year’s worth of savings and buy a premium level course in an area that interests you and which will equip you to monetize your passion.

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