Embracing Death

You do realize the life insurance is actually death insurance?

You don’t get paid if you live. The payout comes when you die, and you aren’t the one who gets it!

And when someone saves another person’s life, they haven’t actually saved a life, they’ve simply postponed a death.

I read about an insurance broker meeting with one of his 80 year old clients, and the client made the statement “If I die….”

If I die.

As if there is an if.

One time I was speaking at the funeral of a friend. I made the comment that death was coming toward each one of us like an unstoppable freight train. At that moment someone’s cell phone went off. And their ring tone was a train whistle.

Sobered everyone right up! It really helped make the point.

But what’s the point?

The point is, in a world of uncertainty, you can bank on death.

You can know that there is a day which will be your last, and even though you don’t know when it is, you can plan and prepare for it.

Which makes a lot more sense than ignoring it, pretending it’s an if not a when.

Where do you start in planning for your death?

Beyond all the estate related matters, you might find it helpful to answer this question:
What are the three to five things, which if I accomplish them before I die, I will consider my life a success?

This will force you to dig deep and uncover what you really believe and value.

Then simply take action each day and each week to move toward that place of ultimate success.

We don’t need to like the idea of death, we don’t need to fixate on it. But we can live in light of its reality and in doing so live more fully, more strategically and more wisely.

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