Sooner Software: Camtasia

Sooner Software = Software I Wish I’d Used Sooner!

I have several pieces of software, both online and offline that have become essential to my work. From time to time I plan to highlight one of them.

Today’s focus is on Camtasia.

This is one I got almost right. That is I started using it about when I should have, probably just a few months after the ideal moment.

Camtasia is a screen recorder and video production tool that gets better with every update.

I use it to make slide-based videos with voiceover such as this tutorial on How to Take a Personal Retreat.

I also use it for talking-head style videos or screen recordings like this one about a Very Irritating Webpage

You can use it to input your own video clips and pictures and easily turn them into one video file.

Camtasia also allows you to upload right from the software itself into Youtube and Vimeo. It can do picture-in-picture, special effects, callouts, clickable links- pretty much anything you can think of. They offer a selection of free icons, music and motion graphics.

I have a higher end piece of video editing software that I never use due to its complexity and the fact that Camtasia does everything I need. You can do simple edits of both the audio and the video in your project right within the software itself.

The latest major upgrade made the Max and PC versions identical and interchangeable- you can take a project built on a Mac and work on it on a PC and vice versa.

As if all this wasn’t good enough, you can download a fully functional free version to try.

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