Three Words to Amp Up Your Communication

Hi I’m Daren Wride and you are listening to Priority Pastor.

Thanks for jumping in. I try to maintain a certain ratio in these podcasts of every five podcasts. I like to have three focusing on personal development one focusing more on the organizational side of ministry and one I allow myself to drift into the business and marketing world.

But what you’ve probably found if you listen to these that the business marketing world interfaces in some interesting ways with the ministry and leadership worlds. In this this episode right now is one of those.

There are three words I keep coming across in some of the training I’m taking regarding marketing and crafting sales offers and things like that. And these three words are Hook, Story and Offer.

Hook, Story, Offer- and basically the idea is that every piece of sales whether it’s verbal or an e-mail or a webinar or a long sales page needs a hook. You need to get people’s attention and kind of get their real needs and their curiosity aroused. It needs a story that kind of engages people and moves them along and starts to communicate some things almost implicitly without actually saying them. And then of course the offer is the thing you’re trying to sell or the thing you’re asking them to do.

And so, yeah, that’s very clear how it applies to marketing but I hope you can see how much it applies to leadership and ministry and in communication.

You know in a sermon you better have a hook. There better be a reason for people to listen to what you’re saying. Think of people in the congregation with their arms folded asking “So what? So what? So what?“ to every statement you make. And you need to hook them and draw them in…

Aand of course story. Jesus teaching was primarily stories or a lot of it was stories a lot of scripture is stories. Why? Because stories are a powerful way to communicate truth in a way that is memorable in a way that is interesting and captivating and still in our communication there needs to be a story.

Then of course the offer. The thing we’re asking people to do the response should be a natural flow from the hook and the story. So it could be a sermon. It could be an email it could be you know a business offer but it could be something as simple as asking for some ministry help, a push for ministry.

What’s the hook? What is the thing that gets people’s attention and arouses their curiosity and their felt needs? What’s a story related to that ministry or people serving in that ministry or the story of those you serve? And then what is the actual ask? What are you calling people to do?

Three simple words. Hook, Story, Offer. But if you think of your communication whether again it’s a business or marketing communication whether it’s a teach or a preach whether it’s even just an ask for some help in a ministry, if you think about those three words, hook story and offer, it will give you some ideas on how to communicate and will also help you communicate more effectively Thanks for listening. Have a fine day press on.

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